Origen launch first-of-its-kind sustainability innovation

Singleton Birch, the UK’s leading independent lime supplier, has teamed up with Origen, a revolutionary start-up, to develop ground-breaking technology to create zero-carbon lime.

Origen’s breakthrough technology is the first of its kind and is set to revolutionise lime production globally and make a significant contribution to stabilising climate change. 

From the purification of water to the refinement of sugar, lime is crucial for many industries. The production of this vital material currently results in 400 million tonnes of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere every year. However, Origen’s cutting-edge lime kiln captures the carbon dioxide generated during lime production, meaning that these emissions can be eliminated entirely.

The Origen team are currently developing this technology even further so that the zero-carbon lime can be utilised for the point-source capture of CO2 in other industries. This means that this technology has the scope to eliminate 10 billion tonnes of carbon emissions each year. Further developments are currently in progress to enable the lime produced by Origen’s methods to remove existing carbon directly from the atmosphere. 

As COP26 takes place and highlights the urgency with which climate change must be tackled, the subject of carbon capture and removal and its role in the reversal of global warming has been brought to the fore. 

Ben Turner, CEO of Origen, says, “Multiple strategies must be deployed together to counter climate change and carbon capture and removal has an important part to play. The pioneering technology that Origen has developed can dramatically reduce industry emissions, and we’re working towards carbon removal. It’s an exciting time for what is quite a young company, and we’re driven by the knowledge that we’re making a genuine difference to this precious planet and building a cleaner, more sustainable future.”  

Martin Haworth, Director of Singleton Birch “As we break ground today Monday 08 November it is a momentous occasion for both Singleton Birch and our partner Origen as we pioneer zero-carbon lime. While the world’s attention continues to be reducing carbon we are passionate about making this a reality here in Barnetby, North Lincolnshire .”