NEWS | AUGUST 18, 2022

Origen’s decarbonisation plans receive UK Government boost

The UK Government has named ZerCaL250 — a collaboration using Origen’s zero-carbon tech and Singleton Birch’s lime production know-how — as one of 13 projects shortlisted nationally for the second phase of its Carbon Capture, Usage, and Storage (CCUS) cluster process.

It is also one of eight industrial carbon capture (ICC) projects in the government’s East Coast Cluster, supported by zero carbon partnership Zero Carbon Humber.

All 13 projects are in the running for government funding — for what is a pivotal technology in the UK’s transition to net zero — that utilises innovative climate-tech to decarbonise heavy industry.

Together, they represent a range of innovative CCUS technologies that will capture and store carbon emissions, preventing them from being released into the atmosphere.

The announcement is significant for Origen as the cleantech company — founded following innovative research at Oxford University — is nearing operation at its ZerCaL3 pilot plant at Singleton’s Birch’s Humberside-based operation.

Final stages with Singleton Birch

Origen is in the final stages of developing a new zero-carbon lime kiln as part of a joint project with Singleton Birch — the UK’s leading independent supplier of lime — at its quarry near Melton Ross in North Lincolnshire

Commenting on the news, Origen CEO Ben Turner said: “The significance of this announcement cannot be underestimated.

“No one business — no one country — can turn around the damage of more than a century of unfettered industrialisation. The task of reversing the damage that causes climate change can only be done by working together.

“Thanks to our zero-carbon lime — and collaboration with forward-looking Singleton Birch — we are developing a way to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Once we capture CO2 from the lime production process, this CO2 can be stored permanently, and the resulting lime utilised to remove CO2 from the atmosphere in a continuous loop.

That’s why the potential CCUS Phase 2 funding, which would see a decarbonisation of the entire Singleton Birch facility in the East Coast Cluster, is so important,” said Turner.

The government has said that further information on the final confirmed projects for Phase 2 will be “shared in due course”.

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