Research and Development

Tim Kruger

Tim Kruger

Tim is a cleantech entrepreneur and a recognized authority on removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Alongside his work at Origen, Tim runs an initiative at the University of Oxford, exploring technologies to counter the threat of climate change

Richard Tamblyn

Richard Tamblyn is our Head of Research & Development and will be leading our Research & Development workstreams and will support advance our Carbon Dioxide removal solution. Richard will play a pivotal role moving forward in ensuring we achieve our vision ‘The atmosphere, restored’

Jack Shield

Jack Shield joined ORIGEN in 2023 as a ‘R&D Scientist’. Jack did his PhD in Organic Synthetic Chemistry at the University of Manchester after achieving a 1st Class MSci (hons.) in Chemistry from the University of Bristol / University of Western Australia. Jack has substantial experience working in an academic research environment that he is now looking to apply to Carbonation and Calcination research and development for ORIGEN feeding his passion for clean technology and sustainability

Mathew Jones

Mat joined ORIGEN in 2023 as an R&D Scientist after spending six years at Dyson in purification R&D as Senior Research Scientist. He graduated University of York with an MChem (hons.). Mat is part of our R&D team who will be tackling research, development and rapid prototyping of our Carbonation and Calcination technology.

Olivia Hawrot

Olivia studied her PhD at Heriot-Watt University in the Research Centre for Carbon Solutions. Her laboratory-based PhD explored the kinetics of ambient lime carbonation for carbon dioxide removal technologies. She has also achieved an MSc in Environmental Consultancy and a BSc in Marine Biology and Oceanography from Newcastle University. Climate change mitigation has been a prominent theme throughout Olivia’s academic career which she will continue throughout her role as R&D scientist at ORIGEN where she will be developing real-world solutions to climate change.