8 Rivers’ Calcite and Origen Carbon Solutions announce joint project in the UK, selection by Frontier

8 Rivers’ Calcite and Origen Carbon Solutions announce joint project in the UK, selection by Frontier

The project has received backing from Stripe Climate’s Spring 2022 Carbon Removal Purchase cycle to the value of $1.5 million

LONDON, UK 29 June — 8 Rivers Capital, LLC, and Origen Carbon Solutions, Inc., today announced a direct air capture joint project to pull a thousand tons of CO2 per annum directly from the air.

This ground-breaking project has today entered into an initial carbon removal purchase contract facilitated by Frontier, an advanced market commitment to accelerate carbon removal founded by Stripe, Alphabet, Shopify, Meta, and McKinsey earlier this year.

The project will pilot Origen’s ZerCaLTM zero-carbon lime manufacturing process and 8 Rivers’ Calcite Carbon Removal technology (“Calcite”) to demonstrate an innovative method of direct air capture – a technology that the IPCC has declared essential if the world is to achieve its net zero climate goals. The project has been selected for $1.5 million in carbon removal purchases from Stripe, a financial infrastructure company.

The ground-breaking UK/US joint project to create zero-carbon lime and use it to remove CO2 from the atmosphere has the potential to be a scalable and affordable approach to carbon removal.

Frontier’s members have committed to buy an initial $925 million of permanent carbon removal between 2022 and 2030. The goal is to send a strong demand signal that there is a growing market for carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies, and to then deploy these funds in a way that fast-tracks carbon removal projects and help remove billions of tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere.

Origen is an international CO₂ removal company, with ambitious plans to use its patented zero-carbon lime technology to accelerate global decarbonisation. Origen’s technology utilises limestone, a highly abundant and accessible natural resource which accounts for 10% of the total volume of all sedimentary rock on Earth. Using a new lime kiln based on novel oxy-fuel flash calciner technology, Origen can deliver CO₂ separation efficiency close to 100% to create zero-carbon lime (ZerCaLTM) with enhanced CO₂ absorption capabilities perfectly suited to carbon removal.

8 Rivers’ Calcite technology would then use this lime to pull CO₂ from the air, reducing global atmospheric carbon content. 8 Rivers, a world-leading developer of innovative decarbonization technologies, invented Calcite in 2019 and has been advancing the technology with funding from the US Department of Energy's Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) FLECCS program. The Calcite process captures CO2 directly from air and sequesters it underground, aiming to support the world's climate targets by removing CO2 for less than $100 per ton of CO2 at scale.

In April 2022, 8 Rivers’ Calcite Carbon Removal technology, Calcite, was named as one of fifteen milestone winners of the XPRIZE Carbon Removal funded by The Musk Foundation – with its approach to direct air capture receiving an initial $1million-dollar award.

The joint project selected by Frontier involves collaborating on a carbon dioxide removal plant in the UK to remove a thousand tonnes of CO2 from the air while piloting the scaled-up integration to enable larger-scale commercial direct air capture plants.

Ben Turner, CEO at Origen Carbon Solutions, said: “To receive this endorsement from Stripe Climate for the work we’re doing with 8 Rivers shows what can be achieved when you collaborate for good.

“Working with our partners, we know our innovative technology can build a cleaner future by removing the CO2 emissions of our past. Restoring the earth’s atmosphere isn’t just about blue-sky thinking, it’s about radical blue-sky doing. The award and recognition for this collaborative project will help us achieve the goal of reversing climate change,” he said.

In a statement, Cam Hosie, CEO at 8 Rivers said: "Scalable, economic, and rapidly deployable direct air capture is vital to help achieve our collective Net Zero goals.

“We are tremendously excited by the partnership between Calcite and Origen, aligning our complementary technologies to accelerate the removal at-scale of atmospheric CO2 while creating the market-leading pathway to meaningful direct air capture.  Stripe’s leadership is accelerating progress in direct air capture, and the Stripe Award will meaningfully shorten the path to market for these vital energy transition technologies.”

Nan Ransohoff, who leads Frontier, said: “Carbon removal is essential to achieving our climate goals, and we’re way behind schedule. But scalable, low-cost technologies like Calcite-Origen are grounds for optimism. We’re particularly excited about the diversity of approaches we’re seeing to Direct Air Capture, which likely has an important role to play in getting permanent carbon removal to gigaton-scale by 2050.”

 About Origen Carbon Solutions
Origen is answering humanity’s ‘unavoidable need’ to remove CO2 from the Earth’s atmosphere. Driven by a robust and credible roadmap Origen is on a mission to achieve giga-scale carbon removal at <$100/ton by the mid-2030’s in support of its vision of the atmosphere, restored.

Today Origen is aggressively focusing on the commercial application of its ZERCAL zero-carbon lime in direct air capture (DAC) but the extreme versatility and scalability of ZERCAL has the potential to be applied to many kinds of carbon removal approaches in the future.

For more information visit: https://origencarbonsolutions.com/

About 8 Rivers Capital, LLC

8 Rivers Capital, LLC is a Durham, NC-based firm founded in 2008 which is leading the invention and commercialization of sustainable, infrastructure-scale technologies as the premier net zero solutions company for industrial decarbonization.  8 Rivers is developing and deploying technologies for clean hydrogen and ammonia (8RH2), transformative zero-emissions power cycles (NET Power and the Allam-Fetvedt Cycle) direct air capture (Calcite), retrofit carbon capture (Carbon8), sour gas sweetening (TarT), clean ethylene (Codox), and other advanced clean energy systems. www.8Rivers.com/calcite.

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Earth Day

Earth Day

Launched in 1970 against a backdrop of burgeoning environmental consciousness, Earth Day was created to inspire, educate and motivate people on the issues that impact our planet and our health.

The initial Earth Day saw 20 million American people demonstrate against industry's impact and unite to bring environmental issues into the spotlight. Since then, Earth Day has grown into a global movement, and now one billion people worldwide participate in driving positive environmental change.

Earth Day takes place on the 22nd of April. This year, the event focuses on the theme of Invest In Our Planet, a message that encourages innovation and bold action in the journey to restore our planet and ensure a brighter future.

Earth Day is an important day at Origen as we passionately believe in the movement's mission and strive to actively drive positive environmental change by developing innovative new technologies. At present, we are working on cutting-edge solutions that will transform the lime industry and potentially remove billions of tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Lime is an essential component in many products and processes, and currently, the production of lime results in around 400 million tonnes of CO2 emissions every year. To address these emissions, Origen has developed an innovative new calciner technology-based lime kiln capable of creating zero-carbon lime (ZerCaL). The kiln separates the CO2 generated during the production process to be safely stored or used in other industries rather than being released into the atmosphere.

While eliminating the 400 million tonnes of CO2 associated with the lime industry annually will contribute to developing a more sustainable future, Origen's ambitions are much more significant than this. The zero-carbon lime created by this new kiln technology also has the potential to collect billions of tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere in a highly efficient process called direct air capture. When capturing emissions from the atmosphere, the ZerCaL returns to its original limestone form, which can then be processed by the kiln again, resulting in more carbon-catching ZerCaL. This breakthrough technology is being developed to offer the lime industry the opportunity to Invest In Our Planet and work with the goals of Earth Day to transform this sector radically.

The Origen team are celebrating Earth Day 2022 by visiting the revolutionary carbon-neutral lime kiln. The kiln, which is the first of its kind in the UK, is currently being built at the Singleton Birch site in Barnetby, North Lincolnshire and is scheduled for completion in June. The visit will allow the team to review the progress of the project and meet the on-site teams ahead of the launch as we prepare to deliver our innovative clean technology and start transforming the lime industry. By Earth Day 2023, we aim to have made further progress towards our direct air capture targets, enabling us to build a cleaner future and clean up the carbon dioxide emissions of the past.

Driving zero carbon lime production in the US – Part 1

Driving zero carbon lime production in the US – Part 1

Sitting right at the heart of hard to abate sectors is Lime production – a process that yields materials used in construction and food industries (as well as others). The 400 million tonnes of lime produced annually produces 400m tonnes of co2 from the high heat and energy-intensive chemical process. But there is a positive side to this story – if producers can develop zero carbon lime, there are major opportunities not only in their current end use markets – but also in carbon capture markets.

Join Alex for the first of a two part conversation with Ben Turner of Origen to learn about the challenges for this ‘invisble’ industry and to learn about how Origen’s technology leads to zero carbon product. Ben also talks more specifically about how they are building a business model in the US market in partnership with Vault, a sequestration partner.

Join us to learn about the market opportunities for zero carbon lime and how it can be achieved.

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Ben Turner, CEO of Origen discusses the importance of zero-carbon lime in helping the UK meet Net Zero carbon emissions targets

Ben Turner, CEO of Origen discusses the importance of zero-carbon lime in helping the UK meet Net Zero carbon emissions targets

09 December 2021

There are many ways to reach a Zero Carbon future, but one often overlooked player in the UK’s efforts to meet this milestone by 2050 is the development of zero-carbon lime.

Used in everything from building materials such as steel, to refining sugar and even purifying drinking water, lime is manufactured from limestone and is vital for many industries. Unfortunately, lime cannot be produced without creating carbon dioxide - for every tonne of lime produced, a tonne of carbon dioxide is emitted. The net effect is that globally, lime manufacturing is responsible for 400 million tonnes of carbon emissions each year.

Zero-carbon lime can help eliminate these emissions, yielding both environmental and financial benefits to the industry. Environmentally, 1% of global emissions can be avoided which is critical in our fight against climate change. Financially, the benefit is paramount. Carbon prices threaten the financial viability of the industry, and cost-effectively addressing these emissions helps to mitigate that challenge.

Beyond the here and now, zero-carbon lime can also be used for the purposes of point-source carbon capture, as well as removing carbon dioxide from the air itself. So, not only can we enable an industry to decarbonise, there is a huge growth opportunity for the industry – a win-win situation.


What’s next for this innovative new clean technology?

We recently broke ground on our pilot plant, in partnership with Singleton Birch, the UK’s leading independent lime manufacturer. As the first of its kind globally, we want to revolutionise lime production. By working together with Singleton Birch, we are leading the charge to commercialise a product that delivers zero-carbon lime for their client base, as well as reducing their own carbon emissions.

The next step is to expand the uses of zero-carbon lime and grow the lime market. We are developing products that enable point-source carbon capture as well as carbon removal directly from the air. These two markets represent significant opportunities for zero-carbon lime which not only benefits the existing lime industry, but will enable the decarbonisation of other industries and will significantly support global efforts to combat the climate crisis.


Innovation in clean technologies will drive NetZero and form the path towards the Paris Agreement

Innovation in clean technologies will drive NetZero and form the path towards the Paris Agreement

07 December 2021

We asked our Founder, Tim Kruger for his thoughts on innovation in clean technologies and the Mission Innovation plan off the back of Cop26.

From the outset, we have been optimistic about the “Mission Innovation” plan when it was first launched in 2015. The good news is that following COP26, it has expanded further. Key takeaways from this plan focus on decarbonising power systems and shipping, and scaling up low-carbon hydrogen production. With future planning and carbon reduction, we need to bridge the gap between aims and delivery; it is more than just words.

As a global business community, we need to move forward and take action.

There are many ways to reach a Zero Carbon future, but one often overlooked player in the UK’s efforts to meet this milestone in 2050 is the development of zero-carbon lime. From the purification of water to the refinement of sugar, lime from limestone is crucial for many industries. Unfortunately, the production of this vital component currently results in 400 million tonnes of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere every year.

Zero carbon lime can eradicate these emissions. It offers not just a critical environmental benefit to the lime industry but a broader benefit to the UK as a suitable clean technology for removing CO2 from the air (direct air capture) and source (from the emitters of co2 such as steel manufacturing etc.).

The Mission Innovation plan covers four new missions, but what do these mean and importantly, how can zero carbon lime support these initiatives?

Mission one “urban transmission”: Our zero-carbon lime can be used to create carbon-negative building materials and support the future development of cities. These building materials will also capture carbon from the air as they cure in their creation, thereby removing CO2 from the atmosphere and removing CO2 in the creation of lime from limestone.

Mission two “NetZero industries”: let’s go beyond that; we should aim higher for net negative emissions. The Origen approach enables this. Steel, cement, and chemicals industry emissions can be substantially removed at source and further removed from the atmosphere. Zero carbon lime which emits no carbon, consumes 750-800kg carbon dioxide to every tonne of lime produced, compared to carbon-emitting lime, which for every tonne created, emits one tonne of CO2. Decarbonising lime also opens two significant possibilities: point source capture and direct air capture. Zero carbon lime is a suitable clean technology that doesn’t emit CO2 and removes CO2 from the air and at source – a net-negative technology.

Mission three “integrated biorefineries”: our zero carbon lime can be used in conjunction with biomass to generate fuels such as hydrogen whilst also removing CO2 from the air.

Mission four “Carbon dioxide removal technologies”: Further developments are currently in progress to enable the lime produced by Origen’s methods to remove existing carbon directly from the atmosphere. Removal technology will inevitably be the future. We are pioneering this design at 50,000 tonnes and at 100,000 tonnes, intending to have a pilot plant commissioning Q2 2022, and we have detailed plans for building at 150,000 tonnes a year.

However, even with the best efforts, we will still see emissions. With our technology, we are currently mopping up the emissions from the atmosphere and helping to clean up other industries. Our technology allows us to deliver lime – a critical industrial material in a way that doesn’t result in any emissions. This is very different from current practice, where each tonne lime = tonne CO2 in the atmosphere.

Once we have the zero-carbon lime, we can use it to create building materials that are carbon negative, strip CO2 from flue gasses of polluting industries and use it to direct air capture. We can react it with biomass in a way to generate hydrogen whilst stripping co2 from the air. We very much welcome the US governments department of energy target to bring down the cost of removing co2 from atmosphere to less than $100 by 2030. And our aim is that our approach will hit this target by 2030, if not before.


About Origen

Founded in 2013, Origen is building a cleaner future by developing revolutionary technologies that enable the production of zero-carbon lime for use in a wide range of industries, including sugar, construction and paper production.

Origen is at the cutting-edge of cleantech solutions for carbon capture, offering a scalable, cost-effective solution for point-source capture in flue gases.

The Origen team is now working towards using this zero-carbon lime for direct air capture, meaning that this cutting-edge development has the potential to remove billions of tons of CO2 directly from the atmosphere and bring us closer to achieving crucial climate change targets.

Origen launch first-of-its-kind sustainability innovation

Origen launch first-of-its-kind sustainability innovation

08 November 2021

Singleton Birch, the UK’s leading independent lime supplier, has teamed up with Origen, a revolutionary start-up, to develop ground-breaking technology to create zero-carbon lime.

Origen’s breakthrough technology is the first of its kind and is set to revolutionise lime production globally and make significant contribution to stabilising climate change. 

From the purification of water to the refinement of sugar, lime is crucial for many industries. The production of this vital material currently results in 400 million tonnes of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere every year. However, Origen’s cutting-edge lime kiln captures the carbon dioxide generated during lime production, meaning that these emissions can be eliminated entirely.

The Origen team are currently developing this technology even further so that the zero-carbon lime can be utilised for the point-source capture of CO2 in other industries. This means that this technology has the scope to eliminate 10 billion tonnes of carbon emissions each year. Further developments are currently in progress to enable the lime produced by Origen’s methods to remove existing carbon directly from the atmosphere. 

As COP26 takes place and highlights the urgency with which climate change must be tackled, the subject of carbon capture and removal and its role in the reversal of global warming has been brought to the fore. 

Ben Turner, CEO of Origen, says, “Multiple strategies must be deployed together to counter climate change and carbon capture and removal has an important part to play. The pioneering technology that Origen has developed can dramatically reduce industry emissions, and we’re working towards carbon removal. It’s an exciting time for what is quite a young company, and we’re driven by the knowledge that we’re making a genuine difference to this precious planet and building a cleaner, more sustainable future.”  

Martin Haworth, Director of Singleton Birch “As we break ground today Monday 08 November it is a momentous occasion for both Singleton Birch and our partner Origen as we pioneer zero-carbon lime. While the world’s attention continues to be reducing carbon we are passionate about making this a reality here in Barnetby, North Lincolnshire .”

Origen partners with Tate & Lyle to study deep decarbonisation of the Thames Refinery site in London


24TH MAY 2021

We're excited to announce that Origen has been awarded two grants by the UK Government's Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

The first is a £768k collaboration with Tate & Lyle Sugars and Cranfield University to carry out a study of deep decarbonisation of the Thames Refinery site in London. The project will undertake a front-end engineering design (FEED) study on a process to reduce the site's GHG emissions by 90%. The technology can be deployed at sugar refineries globally and has the potential to yield carbon-negative sugar. In addition, the study will assess the application of the solution to other industries such as cement, steel and power generation, as well as carbon dioxide removal from the air.

The second is a £221k project to explore the use of lime to remove carbon dioxide from the air. Origen will build on its partnership with Singleton Birch Limited where we are developing a technology to produce zero-carbon lime - lime with no emissions of carbon dioxide into the air.

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Birch Chemicals Begins the Journey to Zero Carbon Lime Production

Partnership with Origen Will See New Innovations in Sustainability

Birch Chemicals parent company, Singleton Birch has reaffirmed its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility with a new partnership with Origen, an Oxford University spin-out, which will see new routes to zero carbon lime production explored.

The partnership aims to develop new kilns based on oxy-fuel flash calciner technology, which studies have found delivers a CO 2 separation efficiency theoretically close to 100%.

The multi-million pound project was revealed at the Waterline Summit, as part of a session led by Singleton Birch on Leading the UK to Net Zero Through Technological Innovation.

Birch Energy, one of the businesses that makes up the diverse Singleton Birch family, expects the pilot plant to be brought forward as early as 2022, according to Birch Energy Managing Director Martin Haworth. Haworth, an expert in lime production and kiln technology, stated, “We will build a pilot plant, planned for 2021, that will produce 3,000 tonnes a year.

“Once we have proved the process at the pilot plant, the next stage is going to be a 50,000 tonne a year kiln, and that’s already in design. There is a worldwide market for lime kilns that can produce zero carbon lime.”

Singleton Birch and Birch Chemicals has an award-winning reputation for innovation stretching back over 200 years, while Origen is a global leader in carbon removal technology. According to Director of Global Business Development at Birch Chemicals Steve Foster, the partnership promises to be a successful one.

Foster said, “The Singleton Birch family is dedicated to delivering best practice when it comes to sustainable development, and this is one more example of how we’re continuing to innovate.

“By combining Origen skilled design team and Singleton Birch’s own expertise, we’re excited about how this new innovation will change the future of worldwide lime production.”

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